System components of fuel cells

We develop application-specific heat exchangers, control flaps and gas generators for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems.

SOFC heat exchanger

SOFC heat exchangers require high thermal efficiency (> 95 %) with low pressure drop (< 20mbar). High operating temperatures (up to 800°C) and the corrosive atmosphere are also demanding. Our heat exchangers are designed with CFD and thermomechanical simulation. In our customer’s overall system, we thus contribute to excellent electrical efficiencies of > 65 % and enable stable operation of the system even in the low partial load range.

Control flaps

Our electric flap valves control air and anode gas flow in the SOFC system. These are adaptations of tried and tested products from the automotive sector.

System assemblies: Gas generators

Where it makes sense, we develop assemblies into systems. This is also the case in the SOFC sector: We design the complete gas supply for the SOFC stacks of our customers. Further assemblies, such as afterburners and reformers, complete the smk heat exchanger to form a sub-system ready to be installed.

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